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#1: Hockey Training Blueprint

Discover the training secrets for dominating players 25lbs heavier and winning more battles along the boards, all while becoming one of the fastest and most agile players on the ice.

What’s included?

  • The Hockey Training Blueprint, your complete pro-style off-season training plan so you can build the stability, strength, stamina and speed you need to build on your success of this season.
  • The Hockey Training Blueprint Video Tutorials to show the exact technique for every exercise.
  • The Hockey Training Blueprint iPhone Compatible QuickStart Videos for easy access to your workouts, wherever you are.

This step-by-step guide can transform you from the player you are into the player you know you can be.

A value of $97

#2: Hockey Workout Club

A step-by-step roadmap to building explosive legs, a rock solid core, and a shot that fills goalies with fear. All for less than 1/10th the cost of a personal trainer.

  • Each and every month you get a new hockey specific off-ice training program including workouts for flexibility, strength, stability, speed and stamina.
  • The program follows the science of athlete adaptation through periodization, which means each month’s workout builds on the work you did in the previous training cycle. This is not just a collection of exercises selected at random.
  • A video tutorial to each workout so you can see exactly how to do each exercise to maximize effectiveness and minimize risk.
  • This program is less intense than the Hockey Training Blueprint above, so it is ideal for those times between the off-season and in-season or for those of you who want to improve your fitness for multiple sports including hockey.

You get FULL AND TOTAL ACCESS to the Membership Area, the off-ice training program workouts, monthly workouts, and MORE for JUST $9/month! Until you decide to unsubscribe.

#3: Hockey Speed Secrets

Discover exactly how NHL speedsters explode into open ice and create scoring chances out of thin air.

  • The Hockey Speed Secrets Video (value $47): Come along to the rink with a few of my players as we show you the exact drills we use during their on-ice speed and stamina sessions.
  • The Hockey Speed Secrets Manual (value $37): I remove all of the guess work by showing you exactly what exercises go together, how many reps you should do and how long to rest between reps.

Just like any other skill, you can learn speed, and this program will show you how.

A value of $67

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